Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two waves in the ocean were having a conversation as they flowed towards shore.
The larger wave was extremely depressed and the small wave was peacefully flowing along.  “If you could see what I see from up here,” said the large wave to the small wave, ”you would not be so happy.”
            “Well, what is it?, said the small wave.
            “In not too long, we will crash into the shore, and that will be the end of us,” said the large wave.
            “Oh, that”, said the large wave.
            “What, are you crazy?”
            “No.  I know a little secret that tells me it’s all okay,” said the small wave. “Would you like me to share it with you?”
At this point the large wave is both curious and suspicious.  “Will I have to pay a lot of money to learn the secret?”
“No, not at all,” said the small wave.
“Will I have to meditate for thirty years?”
“No”, said the small wave.  “Really, the whole this is only eight words.”
“Eight words?  Well, tell me, already.”
“So”, the small wave says, ever so gently.  “You are not a wave.  You are water.”
                                                                                                Zen story

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